Wedding Bow Ties: The essential accessory!

Why choose a bow tie for a wedding?

The choices you make for your wedding all have a significant impact, especially when it comes to elegance. For example, your choice of bow tie can influence the overall look of your wedding outfit. At Unipap's, we understand the importance of this accessory and we offer you a range of varied and quality wedding bow ties.

First, the bow tie is a symbol of modernity and elegance. It’s a bold choice that reflects an assertive personality and a taste for innovation. The bow tie, far from being a relic of the past, has reinvented itself and established itself as a must-have in men's fashion. Unipap's models, available in different colors and materials, are designed to meet all tastes and trends.

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Groom, guest, best man: The bow tie, an accessory for everyone

The advantage of the bow tie is that it is not reserved only for the groom. Whether you are a guest, a best man or even the father of the bride, you can wear this chic accessory with pride. Each person at the ceremony has a role to play, and the bow tie can help define that role while adding a touch of elegance to the outfit. At Unipap's, we offer a wide range of bow ties, allowing everyone to find the model that perfectly matches your style and role in the wedding. From simple models for those who prefer discretion, to colorful models for those who want to stand out, we have everything you need. In addition, our bow ties are available in various materials, from cotton to wool, including linen, offering a wide range of options to suit any outfit and wedding theme.

Perfectly match your bow tie

The harmony of your outfit depends on the perfect match between your different accessories. At Unipap's, we do everything we can to help you make the best choice of bow tie for your wedding. Above all, it is important to choose a bow tie that complements your suit. For example, a silk bow tie can add a touch of elegance to a simple suit, while a colorful bow tie can add pizzazz to a more neutral outfit. It's also essential to consider the color of your shirt . For example, a dark bow tie stands out well against a light shirt. Conversely, if your shirt is dark, a lighter bow tie can create an interesting contrast. Finally, don't forget that the bow tie must also match the other accessories of your outfit, such as the belt, shoes and buttonhole. By following these rules, you are sure to make the right choice and wear a harmonious and elegant outfit on your wedding day. At Unipap's, we are here to help you find the ideal bow tie for that unforgettable day.