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Which bow tie to pair with a navy blue suit?

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The navy blue suit is a pillar of masculine elegance, suitable for a multitude of occasions, from the office to the most solemn ceremonies. Its versatility lies in its ability to harmonize with a wide range of colors and styles. However, the real art of perfecting this outfit lies in the wise choice of bow tie. This small, often underestimated accessory has the power to transform a classic ensemble into a unique style statement. Whether it's a bold pop of color, a subtle pattern, or an unusual texture, the carefully chosen bow tie enriches the navy suit, reflecting the personality and refined taste of the wearer. So, are you ready to stand out on special occasions?

Our favorite colors with a Navy Blue Suit

The Sage Green Bow Tie

The sage green bow tie is a must-have trend for summer events, offering a natural and refreshing elegance. This particular shade, reminiscent of the softness and serenity of summer gardens, harmonizes perfectly with the seriousness of a navy blue suit. For special occasions such as weddings or baptisms, the sage green bow tie becomes a preferred choice, combining finesse and originality.

The appeal of the sea green bow tie lies in its subtle balance between color and discretion. Far from being overwhelming, it adds a touch of freshness without compromising the formal elegance of the outfit. Additionally, pairing this bow tie with a pocket square in similar shades creates visual continuity, reinforcing the neat and coordinated aspect of the look.

For lovers of perfect matches, the suspenders matching the sage green bow tie can complete the ensemble with elegance. This combination, both discreet and remarkable, guarantees a touch of originality during any ceremony.

unipap's sage green bow tie

The Liberty bow tie

The liberty bow tie quickly established itself as a must-have for summer accessories, bringing a touch of originality and elegance. This trend, characterized by fine and colorful floral patterns, offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional bow tie. Ideal for summer weddings or baptisms, the liberty bow tie stands out for its visual boldness and its ability to add a personal dimension to the formal outfit.

Liberty patterns, with their delicate little flowers and varied colors, transform a simple bow tie into a real style statement. Each floral bow tie is unique, allowing the wearer to express their personality and taste for fashion. Whether in soft, pastel tones or in brighter, bolder colors, there is a liberty bow tie for every preference and every occasion.

The diversity of patterns and colors available in the liberty bow tie collection makes it easy to match them with different accessories such as a pocket square or cufflinks. Whether you opt for a coordinated look or a striking contrast, the floral bow tie is a statement piece that inevitably attracts attention. By choosing a liberty bow tie, you are opting for an accessory that combines contemporary elegance and a touch of eccentricity, perfect for those who want to stand out during summer events.

unipap's liberty bow tie

The Blue Bow Tie

The blue bow tie is an iconic choice to complete a navy blue suit, offering undeniable elegance and sobriety. Opting for tone-on-tone creates a refined, cohesive look, ideal for formal events where discretion is required. On the other hand, choosing a different shade of blue can provide a subtle contrast, breaking up the monotony of navy blue while maintaining color harmony. Whether it’s a soft sky blue or an intense royal blue, the blue bow tie allows you to play with shades while maintaining a distinguished look. This accessory is therefore perfect for those looking for a combination that is both sober and elegant.

The Pink Bow Tie

The pink bow tie embodies refined elegance and brings a unique touch of softness to a navy blue suit. This color combination, both classic and contemporary, is particularly popular for special occasions such as weddings and christenings. The softness of pink contrasts harmoniously with the depth of navy blue, creating a visually appealing and emotionally touching ensemble. Lighter shades of pink offer subtlety and tenderness, ideal for a romantic and delicate look.

On another note, brighter tones of pink bring a more pronounced energy and presence, perfect for those who want to add a bold touch to their outfit. The pink bow tie isn't just an aesthetic choice; it also communicates sensitivity and open-mindedness. Whether for an elegant outdoor wedding or an intimate baptism, the pink bow tie is a symbol of refinement and joy, bringing a personal and warm dimension to the traditional navy blue outfit.

unipap's pink bow tie

In conclusion, matching your bow tie with a navy blue suit is a matter of taste, style and occasion. Whether you choose a sage green bow tie for its summer freshness, a liberty bow tie for its floral originality, a blue bow tie for its tone-on-tone elegance, or a pink bow tie for its romantic softness, each choice reflects your unique personality and your sense of elegance.

We encourage you to experiment with these different options, playing with colors and patterns to find the style that suits you best. The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your choice, while respecting the harmony and balance of the outfit.

For those looking to add a finishing touch to their elegance, find all our bow ties at low prices, perfect for accessorizing your navy blue suit. Unipap's collection is full of choices, from timeless classics to bold, modern pieces. Each bow tie has been carefully selected to enrich your look with style and distinction. Don't hesitate to browse our online catalog to discover these essential accessories that will transform your outfit.

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