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The Liberty Bow Tie Trend for Weddings: a bold and elegant choice

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The bow tie has long been an accessory of choice for weddings. However, there is a trend that is emerging and establishing itself in ceremonies: the Liberty bow tie. In this article, we present this trend, the reasons for its success and how to adopt it for your wedding.

The Liberty bow tie, what is it?

The Liberty bow tie is an accessory that is characterized by the use of Liberty fabric, famous for its colorful and refined floral patterns. Originally from London, Liberty fabric was created in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. This fabric is made from high quality cotton and offers a wide variety of patterns and colors, making it a perfect choice for wedding bow ties.

Why does the Liberty bow tie trend appeal to future brides and grooms?

A bold and original choice

Opting for a Liberty bow tie at your wedding is making a bold and original choice. Colorful floral designs allow you to stand out and express your personality while remaining stylish. This trend is particularly appreciated by couples who want to add a touch of originality to their wedding outfit without sacrificing elegance and refinement.

Patterns and colors for all tastes

Liberty fabric offers a wide range of patterns and colors, making it possible to choose a bow tie that perfectly matches your wedding theme and outfit. The future bride and groom can thus opt for more discreet and elegant patterns or, on the contrary, choose more daring and colorful patterns.

A romantic and vintage touch

The Liberty bow tie also brings a romantic and vintage touch to the wedding outfit. The floral patterns evoke nature and softness, while the Liberty fabric recalls years gone by and the elegant outfits of yesteryear.

How to adopt this trend for your wedding?

Choose a Liberty bow tie suited to your outfit and the wedding theme

The first step to adopting this trend is to choose a Liberty bow tie that matches your outfit and the theme of your wedding. It is important to ensure that the colors and designs of the bow tie match those of the ceremony attire and decoration.

Play with accessories

To accentuate the effect of the Liberty bow tie, it is possible to add other matching accessories such as cufflinks, socks or even a pocket square. This allows you to create a harmonious and elegant ensemble while emphasizing the originality of this trend.

Coordinate with your other half

For an even more successful effect, it is recommended to coordinate the Liberty bow tie with your other half's outfit. For example, the bride can match her bouquet, her dress, or her accessories to the colors and patterns of her future husband's bow tie. Likewise, bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear accessories reminiscent of the Liberty motif to create visual harmony during the ceremony and photos.

Adapt the Liberty bow tie to the seasons

It is also important to take into account the wedding season when choosing the Liberty bow tie. Indeed, certain patterns and colors will be better suited to a summer or spring ceremony, while others will be more suitable for a fall or winter wedding.

The Liberty bow tie is a trend that is increasingly attracting future brides and grooms. Thanks to its originality, elegance and variety of patterns and colors, this accessory is perfect for bringing a unique and romantic touch to a wedding. By following our advice for choosing and matching your Liberty bow tie, you are guaranteed to have a wedding that is both modern and timeless, which will leave an impression on your guests.

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